January 6, 2012

Santorum's Spell: Photographer M. Scott Brauer in New Hampshire

Photographer M. Scott Brauer is on the ground in New Hampshire for BagNews. We will be posting his images through the primary.

If the media is paid to be juiced about Campaign ’12, the turnout in Iowa indicated that the public — for the months-on-end of politicking and beseeching — is much less so. Now, it could just be that “the Santorum effect” hitting New Hampshire is simply the latest, abbreviated, “not-Mitt honeymoon.” Still, the photos from the appearances M. Scott Brauer covered yesterday (perhaps the incentive for the glow) revealed riveted audiences. Notice how Santorum even outpolled a lollipop.

But then, perhaps the reason for the rapt attention was because Santorum re-gave Tuesday night’s compelling speech in Iowa about his humble roots and his disabled daughter? Not close. At this town hall meeting in Northfield, in fact, he was talking about economic policy and how Treasury bills are a Ponzi scheme. Go figure.

PHOTOGRAPHS by M. Scott Brauer


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