January 5, 2012

Obama: Warrior Pride?

Obama- Warrior Pride

While the Repubs battle it out in New Hampshire, in part, over who sound more badass on defense, it’s one area Obama ’12 has its bases covered (pardon the pun). I was wondering if Pete Souza and White House Communications had this point in mind choosing out this photo from the Treaty Room in their year-end Flickr collection.

Sure, it’s abstract art, so anything one could say about a painting like this — mindful of attacks from the right, administration sacrifices a donkey; an homage to the Confederacy’s Stars and Bars — is speculation.  Still, with all the notches in Obama’s belt this year, to me, it smacks of warrior pride.

As always, I’m interested in your take.


(photo: Pete Souza/White House caption: March 16, 2011: “The President meets with national security aides John Brennan, foreground, and Denis McDonough after talking on the phone with Prime Minister Naoto Kan of Japan a few days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The call was made near midnight from the Treaty Room office in the White House Residence. Most nights after dinner and time with his family, the President retreats to this office where he catches up on paperwork and reads his briefing material for the next day.”

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