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February 29, 2012

Back to X-raying Romney


Now that we’re on the other side of Michigan, the chatter shifts from “will he or won’t he?” back to “who and what is he?”

Bizweek is so big on the sexual innuendoes these days, I’m tempted to ask (as they X-ray through his clothes, adding the thick, glittery belt and losing the grandpa Levis) if they’re putting a little Broke Back Mountain spin on old Mitt. I could hear someone call out “Springsteen!” in the design meeting at the same time someone else called out “Village People!”

Or else, maybe they’re looking for the Mormon underwear?

Either way, as a varient of NY Mag’s “man without a face,” Mitt remains an enigma — in this case, just layers of surface.

By the way, because Bruce is sure to be strumming for ’44 come October, add another slap. Good luck in the Rust Belt!

(Creative Director: Richard Turley)

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