February 15, 2012

Romney: Also Trailing in the Scrapbook Poll

Romney hug Whittaker

Obama Science Fair Riley

I’ve been checking in with a weekly photo blog curated by one Tara Godvin at TIME’s Swampland Photos. She does a nicely wry and economic weekly round-up of political photos, many these days from the campaign trail. Above are the two pictures leading off the February 4-10 gallery, in this order. (And, for the kicker, check out #3.)

It seems Tara is picking up the same vibe many of you were in the Marshmallow post the other day, picking up on the Prez as “Dad-in-Chief.” In general, these days (regardless to what degree it’s campaign strategy), the Obamas look relaxed and, well… normal, whereas the GOP boys seem to be grasping for same. On first pass, the photos might not seem that far apart, but then, the askance glance, the kids less connected than just “doing what you do.” Fact is, Mitt is so stiff and awkward in his own skin, just never quite connecting. And those are his granddaughters, for God’s sake.

(By the way, with the handle @TaraGod, Godvin should be definitely doing a lot more Tweeting.)

(photo: Max Whittaker / The New York Times / Redux. caption: President Barack Obama gives a group hug to Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC), of Presidio, Texas, while touring student science fair projects on exhibit at the White House Feb. 7, 2012 in Washington. photo: Molly Riley / Pool / Getty Images. caption: Mitt Romney, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, hugs two of his granddaughters backstage before speaking at a rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Feb. 4, 2012.)

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