February 3, 2012

Your Turn: Felix Romney

I actually think there is quite a bit going on here beyond the personality comparison (which probably lost its relevance between the time Brodner drew this and NJ published it). On the other hand, I think it does have quite a bit to say about Romney (and the house of the GOP).  A few of our takes, and we’d like to hear yours:

1. Mitt as “out there” — personality-wise — as Oscar G.

2. Nails Mit’s urge to “sanitize” whenever anything associated with him doesn’t smell good.

3. The feminizing of Mitt — take note of apron crease — and same thing we saw here just the other day. (But then, can you imagine how intense the Kerry-ish, French fry … or French maid, attack would be if Mitt was a Democrat?

via nationaljournal

(illustration: Steve Brodner)

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