March 11, 2012

Coming Soon: The Joseph Kony Tour Package

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Talk about geo-political history, genocide and web marketing which pulls at the heartstrings. Paired with WAPO’s Joseph Kony slideshow, I encountered this ad for a “Band of Brothers” tour package hitting the emotional touchstones of the Great War for those of all religious and cultural backgrounds. The ad is a classic, isn’t it, for the way it plays on guilt and remembrance?

Here’s a snip of the ad copy:

Return to 1944 as the Allies prepare for the invasion of Europe on our Beyond Band of Brothers tours. These all-inclusive historical tours visit iconic sites such as the beaches of Normandy, the Ardennes forest and Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest. Or join our Holocaust and Central Europe tour for a challenging yet rewarding experience. The end of the 11-day Beyond Band of Brothers tour overlaps seamlessly with the beginning of the Holocaust and Central Europe tour, a unique, 19-day trip that is the ultimate World War II tour.

To really seal the deal, though, how about a stop through Uganda first?

(photo: Jahi Chikwendiu / THE WASHINGTON POST caption: Sept. 15, 2004: Children gather at the children’s shelter called Noah’s Ark in the northern Uganda town of Gulu. Every night, more than 25,000 children leave their villages or camps throughout the district and walk to Gulu to escape being killed or abducted by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), which is waging war against the Ugandan government.)

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