March 1, 2012

An Obama, UAW, "Apple Geek" Mitt Hit squad?? : The Latest Romney Vid


Starting to set their sites on November, it looks like Team Mittens is using the web ad, and some choice editing, to exploit political, cultural and, especially, racist stereotypes. Let’s break down the memes in this latest Romney ad, provocatively titled “Kill Romney?”.

Meme A: Targeting of smarty-pants white liberals by way of product-placement.

The ad is built around the claim that the Democrats tried to steal Michigan by urging party members to vote for Santorum. Witness the alleged Democratic strategist/operative using Apple’s flagship products, the Apple logo conspicuously present on screen for the first 17 seconds and the “MacBook Pro” and white iPhone splashed with Obama logos.




What does it mean? Latte-drinking, college-educated, Apple-using, liberals who are too smart for their own good want to take your election away from you.

Meme B. Beware the agenda of a Black president and black union members (the luxury car riders on the entitlement train) who support him.

Take away the home team, Romney and the FOX anchors, and you’re left with two faces in the ad (conspicuously set in urban Chicago). Most odd and conspicuous is the quick flash of a black woman, her cap, like a hoody, giving her a gang vibe, adjacent to a  huge UAW logo. Then, we have Obama who looks somehow darker than he usually does.



Meme C: Death to Romney.

Thwarted in Michigan, the antagonists in Meme A and Meme B decide the “Kill Romney” strategy must be escalated. Without leaving much to the imagination, after quick cuts offer a pieced-together suggestion of “hammer” “attack” the keyboard finally types out the odious message: “Time to take the ‘Kill Romney’ strategy to the next level.”



Once the intent is established, the ad concludes with Obama, in a black-and-white frame, seeming to engage in a sadistic chuckle.


Among other questions, I’m wondering if what we’re seeing here is the Romney campaign testing whether they can get away with trafficking in violent suggestions and racist stereotypes without being challenged?

“Kill Romney?” video.

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