March 14, 2012

Romney: Looks like a Push

Romney Missouri Damon Winter

After last night’s drenching, how many ways do we like Damon Winter’s photo on Mitt’s situation?

• Looking even more like a robot now.

• Like screen shot from Night of the Living Dead. …Or else: “Early mourning.”

• Watch you back? And then, talking vulnerability (metaphorically and literally): Who gets that far out front with that little protection?

• “Um, excuse me, Mr. Romney? Hello!!” Even “the Massachusetts Moderate” turns his back on the women’s vote.

via NYT slideshow: Santorum Sweeps Two Southern States

(photo: Damon Winter/The New York Times caption: A supporter reached out to touch Mr. Romney as he greeted people after a campaign event at William Jewell College in Liberty, Mo.Republican strategists in Mississippi and Alabama said that Mr. Romney underperformed in key areas across their states, even in places where the party establishment was expected to rally behind him.)

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