April 9, 2012

Juxtaposition of the Day: The Body Men

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“He taught Obama how to fist bump, bought him a silver iPod for his birthday and introduced him to the music of Lil Wayne and Jay-Z.” –from: An exit interview with Reggie Love (Politico)

Looking at the NYT article and slideshow and even video on Garrett Jackson — the guy famous for the photo of him on the deck holding Romney’s rickety chair steady in Iowa — I wonder what Mitt’s “body man” has to teach him?

Contrasting Barack and Reggie with Mitt and Garrett is one more way to see how the contest in November pits two men from drastically different cultural universes. As regards Garrett, I would guess that his relationship with Romney is a little more hierarchical.

And as every photo and article helps us understand a candidate that much better, I found the caption on photo #4 in the Times slideshow sort of interesting:

Mr. Jackson’s job is to anticipate the candidate’s every need, and his black briefcase is stocked with Sharpies, batteries, granola bars, collar stays, flag pins, hand sanitizer, Advil, Tide pens, chargers, note cards and half-eaten meals wrapped in napkins.

It’d be interesting to get ahold of Reggie, where ever he is out there now, and find out if, in his own Obama back-up bag, he kept a supply of collar stays.

(image 1: screen grab – “Life of the Body Man” NYT video photo: Pete Souza/White House. caption: President Barack Obama gives a fist-bump to personal aide Reggie Love in the Oval Office of the White House on June 16, 2009. Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is at left.)

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