May 22, 2012

America at the Crossroads: Team Rove Updates Harry and Louise

Crossroads Obama BBall Mark Up

Is this the killer meme of the Republican campaign?

This New York Times article is a good read in terms of outlining the Rove/Crossroads “good cop”-half of the Republican’s focused-group-finessed campaign strategy. So the GOP figures out that over-the-top attacks on Obama are just that? Maybe it’s news to the conservatives, but people like the “Hoopster-in-Chief”.

That’s not to say Karl hasn’t tapped into (John and) Jane Q. Public’s modern day terror: the domestic nightmare that the recession (and the health care crisis) for the middle class is never going to end, the kids never move on (or keep showing up again like the back entrances is a revolving door), and, holy gender gap! Louise is left to fend on her own with that lame daughter and ADD boy. (Maybe it was the growth hormone?)

(Crossroads ad: “Basketball.” Also: The Original “Harry and Louise” ad).

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