June 27, 2012

FOX Parallel Universe: Secretary of State Weighs in On Egypt

Screen shot 2012 06 27 at 10 26 33 AM

I wasn’t sure what to say about this combo of headline and visual leading the FOX site. Time warp? Do over? Denial is not just a river in Egypt? But then, who would think at that network the fact we have a current female Secretary of State might conjure less than flattering comparisons to the achievements, or lack of them, by certain predecessors?

And then, I almost forgot about that manner among the Bushies to deliver everything with a smile. Because the neocons don’t have any basis to say the Brotherhood is any match for the junta, though, as much as they want to see the Morsi victory as an “I told you so,” the expression — as a lead off — doesn’t make for a lot of sense.

(screen grab: FOX News)

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