June 13, 2012

Latest Pics from Zimmerman Land: The Shellie Show

Shellie Zimmerman mug shots

Since March, we’ve been tracking the Martin – Zimmerman story, remarkable for the fact that the case, so short on concrete evidence, has been playing out in the media space as much in dueling photographs heavy with character implications.

With the exception of George’s “broken nose and bloody head” images that hit the media in late May, recent Zimmerman visuals have had the vitality of passenger portraits disembarking the Titanic. The product of the latest optical event is seen in the release of mug shots of Shellie Zimmerman following her arrest for perjury (the couple in hot water now for trying to hide publicly donated defense money). The pairing below was composed by TPM combining non-simultaneous mug shots of the Zimmerman couple, as if to say  the early Martin – Zimmerman face off is now distant history  and the couple deserves each other.

Zimmerman mug shots cropped proto custom 28

Perhaps there’s another adage in play, though, that is coming through loud and clear in the pictures. That is, if you stick around long enough, true character will reveal itself.

(photo sets 1 & 3: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office caption: Shellie Zimmerman, wife of George Zimmerman, is seen this booking photo released by the Sheriff’s Office, June 12, 2012. photo set 2: AP Photo/Handout-Martin Family; Orange County Jail; unattributed; unattributed.)

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