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Culture Focus Photo June 3, 2012

John Edwards: Best and Last Look

If tolerance for John Edwards is pretty low, these photos at the conclusion of his trial caught our eye.

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Originals Photo June 2, 2012

Riot Horse. (Photo by Nina Berman.)

Why would police put a horse in the middle of a riot anyway?

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Bush Focus Photo June 1, 2012

Portrait of Bush

Looking at the photos from the White House portrait unveiling yesterday, and how different they can be.

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Bush Focus Photo

Rove, Perino White House Return: Whiff of the Bacchanal

All too many memories from this pic of Rove and Perino back in the White House yesterday.

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9/11 Photo

Mitt Photo-Op of the Day: Solar Eclipse

Mitt, playing for soundbites, upstaged by a building.

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