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Campaign '12 Photo June 18, 2012

Romney at the Latino Coalition

There's a lot of pointing and gesticulating, but the key piece of information is that Romney focused his speech on education and no mention of immigration issues was made.

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Media Focus Photo June 16, 2012

That Journalistic Assault on the President (and Two Views of the Perp)

In this polarized political climate, it appears there are different ways of reading what happened -- and different photos for it.

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Culture Focus Photo June 15, 2012

Flying into the World Trade Center? Or, Just Photography's Fourth Wall?

The plane’s silhouette cuts through the screen with terrifying force–indeed, it is the presence of terror as it evokes the image of those planes hurtling into the twin towers on September 11, 2001.

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"Victim of Beauty": Glamour of Violence (Once Again)

Given the dismal commonness of images like these, the only thing “cutting edge” about them is the cuts that are left on the edges of the models’ skin.

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Bush Focus Photo June 14, 2012

George Bush's Head on a Spike

Now it'd be all-too-easy to chalk this up solely to prankishness, but there is a funny (but not-at-all funny) relationship here to something America just hasn't dealt with openly.

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White House Chef Does Subway!

The obvious austerity ploy.

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Race Focus Photo June 13, 2012

Latest Pics from Zimmerman Land: The Shellie Show

Perhaps there's another adage in play that is coming through loud and clear in the pictures. That is, if you stick around long enough, true character will reveal itself.

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Eco Watch Photo June 12, 2012

The Mountaintop Mining "Kiddie Porn" Smear: The Photo Must Be Seen

Once we start censoring images with this kind of significance, especially in this visually-driven culture, I think we're lost.

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Media Focus Photo June 10, 2012

Medevac Photos Revisited: U.S. Embedding Policy Alive and Well

Following up on our January 2011 post, I thought I would take a quick run through Google Images to try and determine how many other medevac photo-stories existed.

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Culture Focus Photo June 9, 2012

Notes from Look3: Ferrato, Addario Quick Takes. Lynsey's Aisha.

Things have gotten better in Afghanistan, especially for women. That's not saying there isn't a long way to go, but it's better.

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International Focus Photo June 8, 2012

Notes from Look3: Stanley Greene's Fallujah Bridge Photo

"In the day time, I keep you alive," the driver told Green, and "at night I go kill Americans."

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Campaign '12 Photo June 6, 2012

Juxtaposition of the Day: Lights Out on Solyndra

All I want to know is whether Romney knew his own solar bet has gone belly up before his photo op the other day in front of Solyndra.

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Post Wisconsin: Fighters vs. Compromisers

What's disturbing is the glorification of bullies just because they've been so "successful" at obstructionism. Is this where things are headed?

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The Great Recession Photo June 5, 2012

White House Photo of the Day: “It’s Their Economy, Stupid.”

White House photo (with economic crisis in mind) says: "Don't blame us!"

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Campaign '12 Photo June 4, 2012

Meme of the Day: Reverse Mirror Images

If your dominant view of politics is that both parties are in the tank to the monied class, these last two days were for you.

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Assad as Mickey Mouse

We posted this on our Tumblr page and it’s striking a nerve. What can you say about the allusion of Bashir Assad to Mickey Mouse beyond deathly ironic? I wonder if there is something predictive to it also, though. Whereas Assad’s image has been more enigmatic, or generally off...

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Campaign '12 Photo June 3, 2012

Scott Walker: Cherry Picking Obama

What is significant is how the photo-op (Walker, not a charismatic figure by a long shot) dares to riffs on that old Obama magic.

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