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Campaign '12 Photo June 30, 2012

Fired Up; Ready to Go (Buy Another One)

Suggests how hard it is to get fired up for Romney.

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Photo June 29, 2012

Bachmann and Jesus

Biblical myopia.

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What Does Madonna's Daughter in Cone Bra Have to do with CNN, FOX Bad SCOTUS Call?

The Supreme Court Obamacare announcement mess illustrate the shortcomings of traditional media and the growing power and critical effect of social media.

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President Obama Photo June 28, 2012

Obama Roberts Do-Over

A second look at Obama - Roberts.

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Business Focus Photo June 27, 2012

Eyes on the Google Glasses

Of course, today we hardly notice, but in the early days of cell phones, people on the street looked like they were psychotic.

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Media Focus Photo

FOX Parallel Universe: Secretary of State Weighs in On Egypt

Who would think the fact we have a current female Secretary of State might conjure less than flattering comparisons to certain predecessors?

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Campaign '12 Photo June 26, 2012

White House: Fresh Salsa

My dollar bet says that, between now and November, the White House Photo-of-the-Day largely morphs into an archive documenting how Team Obama eeked out a second term by way of the Rovian micro-targeting strategy.

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Karrin Anderson Photo June 25, 2012

FEMEN-ism in the Fan Zone: Women Laying Bodies on the Line

As women use their bodies as instruments of resistance and protest, one would only hope cameras would pay attention to them with their clothes on.

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TIME Covers: Asked and Answered

The top cover is next week’s U.S. Edition. The one below will appear next week in international markets. I suppose they did this on purpose: Resolve the question premised on one cover with an answer posed on another.

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Campaign '12 Photo June 24, 2012

Obama Pride

Ready to bend over backwards for Obama's re-election.

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Karen Hull Photo June 22, 2012

Egypt's Muslim Sisterhood: How We See Them or How They See Themselves?

Veiled and separate, the women depicted in this Time photo essay are political players who note their inequality even while participating in it. Is it simply a Western view or are these photographs slightly subversive?

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State of the News Photo – Saturday at Photoville

Are you coming to the Photoville photo festival in DUMBO? I'll be speaking on "The State of the News Photo."

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Photo June 21, 2012

Aung San Suu Kyi: Rock Star

I might not see this much longer, but because Aung San Suu Kyi is mostly a new face on the world stage, having elevated there largely as a person of conscience, these photos are clearly over the top.

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Campaign '12 Photo

But Can He Bake A Cherry Pie?

What's going on here, though, is not just a nostalgia play associating Mitt to simpler times.

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Nina Berman Photo June 20, 2012

Scenes From the Stop and Frisk March — Photos by Nina Berman

These photos were taken at Sunday’s silent march in Manhattan protesting the NYPD’s bias in conducting racially-biased searches. The man’s suit and the quote as a historical reference seem to anchor this gentleman in the civil rights movement, an effect he quite likely had in mind. (His sign reads:...

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Protest Focus Photo June 18, 2012

Best Dressed for Unrest: NYPD's Disarming Summer Fashion Statement

The "casual Friday" approach to protest suppression.

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Campaign '12 Photo

Obamas Atop One World Trade Center: The Nation's Clean Up Man

The significance of Obama atop the nation's most symbolic reclamation project.

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