June 22, 2012

State of the News Photo – Saturday at Photoville

Situation Room

Trayvon hoodie

Hillary Texts

Riot Kiss Rich Lam

Are you coming to the Photoville photo festival in DUMBO?  I’ll be speaking on “The State of the News Photo.”

The Situation Room. Riot Kiss. Hillary Texts. Weiner texts. Embedding. Trayvon. Pepper Spray Cop. Asma al Assad and buying PR. The Photo editor vs. “social media curator.” Self-publishing: White House/BP/Tepco. 2012 photo editor of the year (surprise!). The better slideshow. Souza. Platt. Vucci. Somodevilla. Kamber. Tama. Crowley. More.

With its increasing prominence in our visual culture, growing editorial and social media impact, shifting looks and aesthetics, and ever new forms of presentation, this is an exciting time to be following news photos.

Hope to see you there!

Michael Shaw,  publisher of BagNewsNotes  on “The State of the News Photo.”

Photoville.  Saturday, June 23.  4:45 pm. Schedule.

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