August 31, 2012

RNC: The (Dark) Morning After — With Hat Tip to Instagram

Holly LA

Vucci LA

Altaffer LA

For the past week, I’ve been mainlining political photojournalism on Instagram having largely tracked the Republican Convention that way. (If you follow Bag on Twitter, you would have had full access to the steady stream of quick takes and humor, including 1, 2, 3). Largely unconstrained by the media filter, it feels like these photographers, like poets, are picking up the emotional narrative of the campaign in a more direct way.

These three shots from this morning, for example, use the weather and security to capture the unsettled and even edgy official launch of the Romney campaign after three days of Republican speakers usurping the limelight, and the Eastwooding of a candidate people still can’t get a clear fix on.

From now through the DNC, at least, I’ll be doing more sampling here from the Instagram feeds. Of course, I remain as curious about your thoughts as ever. …By the way, didn’t part of Clint’s shtick last night involve needle the president for running around in a gas guzzling plane?

(photo 1: Holly Bailey – @hollybdc/Yahoo “The Ticket” caption: Storm Clouds over the Romney motorcade – New Orleans LA. photo 2: Evan Vucci/@evanvucci for #aponthetrail. photo 3: Mary Altaffer/@maryaltaffer via #aponthetrail caption: Bomb sniffing dog at a Romney/Ryan campaign event.)

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