September 5, 2012

DNC Body and Mind: Tammy Duckworth

Tammy Duckworth DNC

It was obvious Romney would be called out last night for his failure to recognize the troops or even mention Afghanistan in his RNC speech, the Obama’s being thorough and meticulous in their support and courting of the troops. (In the administration’s eyes, they’re also seen as a voting block. Hello N. Carolina’s Fort Bragg, Camp Lejeune!).

So, as just a warm-up to this evening’s focus on foreign affairs, Tammy Duckworth had an easy target in relating the moving story of her military service, her extensive injuries from an attack on her helicopter and her ongoing service in the name of military veterans. In terms of pure optics, however (and there was plenty of talk last night about how the Democrats and Obama have been otherwise pretty miserable at putting pictures to words), after commanding our attention with full body and mind, there was just no comeback for Tammy Duckworth’s stage exit.

Speech text/video

(image: source unknown – via Politico)

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