September 23, 2012

William Randolph Romney: More Dharapak Snaps from Fundraising Land


“Property up there is, I’m sure, very, very expensive. And we got to her driveway — it was at least a mile long, up and up, it’s like, Oh my goodness, how in the world?” Romney said. “And then we came to the home, and it was like San Simeon, you know, the Hearst castle. It was this beautiful home with gardens, manicured gardens, and a pool and a topiary and so forth.”

“This is a tough time,” he told donors. “These are our brothers and sisters.”

Over the last week, Romney has attended five public events and at least a dozen fundraisers.

— from: Romney focuses on California fundraising (via CBS)

I’m still enjoying Charles Dharapak’s Romney Press Pool Instagram odyssey as an extension of his newswire coverage of the candidate for AP.Reading the CBS story, what Charles does in pictures mirrors Peggy Noonan’s gripes about how much time Romney spends chasing money rather than votes.

Although all Dharapak can give us at these private houses are snippets, mostly driveways (like this shot I tweeted the other day) or garages and such, I’m sure he’s enjoying the challenge. In the case of the Shangrala entrance to this house in Hillsborough that Romney was referring to in the first snippet above, Dharapak (with the sign, ribbons and security bods, makes the most of it.


It’s another day, another catering cornucopia, this scene from a fundraiser at the Grand del Mar. (The owner of this very exclusive club north of San Diego, by the way, was a major backer of the anti-gay marriage Prop 8. The GOP has spent $56k at the resort this year.)


I also like the mass production quality Charles captures in these donor photos cranked out and available on a collection table at the same event.


Finally, punch-drunk on party pictures, I almost thought this scene from a fundraiser at the Beverly Hills Hotel (we are in the spiritual heart of Hollywood) was a parody of the movie, Patton.

(photos: @charlesdharapak/APonthetrail – Instagram. captions: Entrance to private Mitt Romney fundraiser in Hillsborough, outside San Francisco/Donors photographs with Mitt Romney are available on a table for collection after he spoke at a campaign fundraising event in Del Mar, Calif./ Donors’ table #47 during Romney campaign fundraising event in Del Mar, Calif./Mitt Romney campaign fundraiser, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles.)

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