October 11, 2012

Biden – Ryan in 4 Pics


Biden laughing Veep debate

If the thrust of the GOP’s critique is that Obama was overbearing or somehow condescending, after the way Romney rode roughshod two weeks ago, Biden had plenty of license to get aggressive. Wasn’t that a consistent Rove tactic, by the way: have your guy do it, then accuse your opponents of it?  The “disrespect” charge doesn’t really stick, however, in the face of an opponent who alternately isn’t truthful or operates in generalities. Plus, this wasn’t Denver. Style/body language counts for a less in a more substantive exchange.


Joe calling malarky. Perhaps the most widely circulated scene of the night, attacking Biden for theatrics is like attacking Romney for being unwilling to change his mind.


Perhaps the stealth pic of the night. Ryan (what’s that look: choir boy?) survives.

Finally, shot of inscrutable Romney (his repeated pizza prop going for accent of common man) reminds us tonight was an undercard, and Ryan clearly an understudy.

Bottom line? Billed as a crucial encounter, the Veep show wasn’t so much. Bring on Obama.

(updated 10am EST – added photo 4. revised copy.)

(photo 1: John Gress/Reuters. caption: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (L) debates Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan (R) during the U.S. vice presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky October 11, 2012. photo 2: David Goldman/AP. photo 3: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. photo 4: Evan Vucci/AP. caption: Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, right, watches the vice presidential debate with Sen. Rob Portman, R- Ohio, left, in his hotel room on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 in Asheville, N.C.)

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