October 28, 2012

I'm Mitt Romney and I Approve this Mourdock

Romney Mourdock ad

Granted, Romney recorded this endorsement a few days before Mourdock made it known in a debate that babies born out of rape are God’s love children. Still, hingeing his campaign in the final weeks on a bipartisan vision while actively aligning himself with the Mourdocks — not to mention, the Ryans, for that matter — with a radical right anti-choice agenda is sorely hypocritical.

In August, we did a post (“Tea Party Aesthetics and the 2012 Color Wheel“) highlighting how Senate candidates from the Tea Party, especially Mourdock, were using fire engine red for their campaign color scheme. (The instinct, I believe, is not all that dissimilar from the way the bullfighter utilizes the red cape.) Maybe that little star logo in the screen grab isn’t so much balancing a smaller star as playing with fire.

(screen grab: RichardMourdock.com)

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