October 22, 2012

Romney's Beach Football: Shades of Hyannis Port, Anyone?


While we’re all waiting around for the third and final Obama-Romney gladiator match to begin, I took a scan through the last two days of pool posts on Instagram….

Not like anybody at Team Romney, looking for any opportunity to moderate Mitt and create a more presidential aura would be creating Kennedy analogies, right?

Or, with the Autumn polls supposedly breaking their way, perhaps the message is “summer in America?” Or, given how Romney is such a throwback to the 50’s and all that nostalgia, how about this shot from the staff vs. press contest as a scene from “Gidget Grows Up,” or maybe “Beach Blanket Bingo”?


Somehow Ann scoring a touchdown against the kids is not quite the same as Bobby handing off to Ethel trying to fake out Teddy.


Regarding Holly Bailey’s photo of Mitt overseeing the coin toss, by the way, I can’t believe the Kennedy’s ever thought about referees. I’m not surprised Romney would select this role, however.

(photo 1 & 2: Holly Bailey/Yahoo – hollybdc/Instagram. caption: Mitt Romney at a Romney staff vs press football game w @ashleyrparker (Delray Beach FL. caption 2: Ann Romney scores a touchdown in the Romney staff vs press football game. photo 3: Corbis. caption: Robert Kennedy (c) brother of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, interrupted a brisk touch football game on the beach here 11/19, to decline comment on the repots he may become the next Attorney General. Pictured with him are his brother, Edward (L) and Mrs. Edward Kennedy, who are vacationing here.)

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