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Photo November 29, 2012

The Naked and the Debt

If nudity is central to the protesters’ narrative about the federal budget, at what point does the imagery compete with the message?

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A NYPD Officer, a Homeless Man and a Pair of Boots

Especially after the economic depression, we look at this piece of street photography from a position of need, not with our hands out but from the standpoint of needing real recognition and support -- support from institutions and from those in authority.

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The Powerball Economy

If you think everyone in America has an equal chance to achieve riches….

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President Obama Photo November 28, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Leveraging in Full Swing

You couldn't get a more demographically diverse lineup of small business owners if you tried.

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Media Focus Photo

DC Missile Tow (or: A Pointed Thought on News Photos, War and Repression)

Maybe what really makes this pic of the Capitol Christmas tree, and why this particular shot was all over the news galleries on Monday, is because, after looking at photos from Gaza and Israel for a week, its easy to associate to this as a rocket launcher.

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GOP Optics: Men on the Hunt

I just don't see how the Repubs campaign against Rice, especially as it comes with a Secretary of State nomination looming, is going to do any wonders for the white man party.

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Photo November 27, 2012

Santa Fatally Shot

I was interested in this because the politics of Christmas always seems to catch some kind of hook every year.

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U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Made Token and Awkward Turkey Day Appearance

If you saw the photos and video of U.S. troops having a Thanksgiving meal in Kabul that circulated a few days ago, they seemed to have a sad, orphan vibe to to them.

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International Focus Photo November 26, 2012

Ed Ou and Gaza Rainbows

Of course, the scene would be completely straight-forward … if not for that half-hopeful and wondrous, half-thoroughly ironic rainbow.

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Culture Focus Photo November 25, 2012

Marriage Equality: Not on Defense Anymore

If an ad for gay marriage might have been just seeking a basic acceptability, this scene goes confidently beyond that.

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Israel: The New Normal

The number, power and range of the recent barrage represents a new reality permanently altering the status quo.

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Business Focus Photo November 23, 2012

Macy's Product Placement Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy's America, Inc. Thanksgiving Day Product Placement Parade reflects a practice that has grown so common who hardly notice it anymore?

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President Obama Photo November 21, 2012

Your Turn: Obama Turkey Day Courtesy Madame Tussauds

In the spirit of the holiday, how do you make sense of this? Race, celebrity, veggies, Really, it’s going in a lot of directions at once. By the way, did I wish all of you a warm Thanksgiving and thank you again for being part of the family and...

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Campaign '12 Photo

Women Worth Looking At. (Just Ask the GOP!)

On first pass, I saw the Petraeus story as far afield from the Capitol Hill leadership dance. In the way DC plays the image management game, however, perhaps they're not all that far off.

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Campaign '12 Photo November 20, 2012

Obama Was Just Smarter. (There, I Said It.)

I understand that discussion of intellect in the current political era is to invite charges of East Coast elitism. Clearly though, the president didn't just win reelection by being right on the issues.

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Top Brass: As Much About Surface

Sure, top dogs from the different branches look impressive, but isn't that the issue?

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International Focus Photo November 19, 2012

Gaza Press Center: State Media-on-Media Violence

That the Gaza Media Center was used by international media as well as journalists partial to Hamas, and journalists either ended up in the hospital or send running in the streets is an unacceptable threat to the press.

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