November 28, 2012

Old Anger in a New Bottle: Glenn Beck's Version of Piss Christ

Well, it’s progress at least. The “Obama thinks he’s the second coming” attack used to be constant. Apparently now, it has scaled back to a seasonal thing. Beck’s rip on “Piss Christ,” though, is a two-fer — an attack on Obama while also tying him to that pointy-headed and also sacrileges art world.

Don’t worry — it’s beer, by the way. An artless fundraising scheme mimicking the art world, but on a beer budget. The other twists I see: It’s sort of a sad riff on a holiday snow globe … but so “down home” in a mason jar. Bottom line, though, what’s so new here?  It’s just old anger in a new bottle.

(image: Glenn via Gawker via DailyIntel)

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