November 3, 2012

Campaign ’12: The Scream

Campaign ‘12- The Scream

What’s brilliant about Brian Snyder’s shot of the girl at the Romney rally is how it ropes us in through different senses at once.  According to the caption, the girl is cheering with all her might for candidate Romney. Not knowing that, however, what a wonderfully visceral example of  what close cousins passion and pain are. In these final hours and in my gut, I find myself being swung back-and-forth across the same delicate line. Don’t you?

I’m also interested in your other thoughts, as there are certainly other things and themes at play here.

(photo: Brian Snyder/Reuters. caption: A girl cheers during a campaign event with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at Integrity Windows in Roanoke, Virginia November 1, 2012.)

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