November 10, 2012

Thoughts on the Most Liked and Tweeted Photo of all Time

Obama Michelle bear hug

Twitter,  Tumblr and the blogosphere are generally more cool platforms than warm ones. They do a lot better job with critique, shock and the voyeurism than they do with comfort or “feel good.” (You could say the regular supply of food imagery and kittens aspires to fill the gap.)

Which leads us to, yes, the most liked and tweeted photo of all time. I believe the Obama photo hits home because, after all the vitriol and the spin and the arm twisting, the photo was just such an antidote to the cynicism. Given how many people electronically, at least, touched this photo, it was also the closest thing you could have after the election to a group hug.

(photo: Barack Obama – twitter)

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Michael Shaw
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