November 7, 2012

Your Turn: Winning Figures

Your Turn- Winning Figures

As you know, I look at hundreds of photos most every day with an eye out for those that have something to tell us about our political, social or media culture.  Being a little winded from this whirlwind of a week, somehow not a lot was jumping out at me today. That is, until I saw this.

This photo was in an election slideshow at New Yorker’s Photo Booth titled simply “Scenes from Election Night.” Most of the shots were contributed from NOOR. (Yes, I’m a fan of the photo agency and The Bag’s regular contributor, Nina Berman, is a member.) In the collection, by the way, are photos by that dean of American political photographers, David Burnett.

Anyway, this photo by Andrea Bruce really captured me, but I’m not exactly sure why. As a theme throughout the conventions and the campaign, I’ve certainly seen plenty of images containing cardboard figures. I’m not sure if its because of how many, or because of the particular lineup, or because of the occasion of the re-election or what exactly, but the photo seems to really highlight these figures and their “elevated” roles, not just as political figures, but as cultural icons.

Anyway, that’s as far as I got. If you don’t mind picking up the ball, I’m curious about what you see in this photo, and what it is that might have captured me.  Thanks so much, by the way, for all your support throughout the campaign season. I have to say, I’m pretty excited about where we go from here with a little more open slate.

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