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December 5, 2012

Romney's Bargain Days

Mitt romney costco shopping photos 0110 paper plastic

Given the punishment the Romney’s took over the past two years as the poster family for the 1%, early post-election returns suggest a definitive pattern in the clan’s public ways. With Mitt’s foray to CVS recently and this latest trip to Costco, expect the Romneys to star as “the icons of bargain days” — at least until the paparazzi get tired of chasing them around.

Mitt romney costco shopping photos parking lot

Regarding that well-documented Costco excursion, by the way, my wife — who has a good eye is also well practiced in the ways of sustainability — had a few takeaways from the snaps. Specifically, she marveled at the amount of paper and plastic products just a waffle away from the landfill.

Mitt romney costco shopping photos Audi Station Wagon

Then, for the love of Detroit, what she also wanted to know is: what happened to all Ann’s Cadillacs?

Here’s the full TMZ slideshow where they pick his bones over his China (toy) policy.

(photo: Stern/DoubleVisionMedia via TMZ)

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