January 21, 2013

Obama at the Inauguration in Screen Shots


Coming through in scene after scene since his reelection is a more self-assured and more comfortable Obama, also mindful, as well, that he’s living history. Here are a few of my thoughts and screen grabs.

Much has been made already about Obama pausing before descending the stairs for the last time. It was instantly evident the President was having what was referred back then as a “peak experience.”


I like this screen grab because of who’s always behind him, and always in sync with him.


One reason Obama, the person, retains such grudging respect in an environment calibrated to destroy is because he’s that psychologically healthy. Where Washington is riven with boundless ego, Obama exhibits self-satisfaction without smugness and pride without arrogance. It’s uncommon. I expect, by the way, we’ll see even more development in this next term as he learns to loosen up on himself a little more.


Perhaps the clarion view of the President this morning came as he looked up and back at the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. (If you were watching, the group was as striking for its moving rendition of “Battle Hymn of the Republic” as for the racial and ethnic rainbow of members in those red and blue coats. Check it out here).Strange it should still seem like such a bonus to we Americans to have a president who feels and absorbs without just going through the motions.


Call him a boy scout. I appreciate his graciousness. Of course, I’m not just talking about social graces. I’m talking about a deeper sense of class. The kind that was disgraceful evident today in the absence of Romney or Bush, or any official representative of the Bush family, or most of the Republican Congress.


And, sorry it’s blurry but I like this not only she’s not finished yet (though NBC found it necessary to prattle on endlessly about blood clots) but because, flip the pic, it might serve as a preview of next time around.

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