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President Obama Photo January 20, 2013

Movies in the Age of Obama

It seems the processing of "the Obama dynamic" might end up as much a catalyst for the arts.

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President Obama Photo January 18, 2013

Your Turn: What's In a (Official) Portrait

Bag readers respond to Obama's first and second term photographs.

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Photo January 17, 2013

Twitter Weaponized: Al-Shabaab and the Latest Offensive in "Social" War

For the moment, at least, it's worth noting how Al-Shabaab has used social media and the photo to further undermine any "rules" of engagement while expanding the field of asymmetrical warfare.

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John Moore Photo

A Few Photos From Newtown: Crisis Dogs and Ties that Bind

At least two photos from Newtown stood out to us this week, each a measure of that grief the community is suffering through.

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The Aleppo University Bombing and the Banality of Good

A well functioning civil society is one in which you don’t have to worry about civil war. The university represented the last space where that was possible, and now that has been lost as well.

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Militarism Focus Photo January 16, 2013

NRA's Bizarre Obama Attack: It's All About the Children

When someone asked me to explain the NRA's vituperative web attack on Obama's children for having armed security, I had two answers. The first is seething anger.

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Slinking Out of Afghanistan? Not So Fast.

Leave it to Getty's Chip Somodevilla to immortalize the hint before Obama and the United States silently execute the final exit.

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Culture Focus Photo January 15, 2013

White House Gun Battle: Taking Aim with Photographs

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, a rash of gun violence, the permissiveness of gun ownership and the entitlement and tin ear of the gun lobby, photography is one of the key tools in the White House gun control campaign right now.

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Media Focus Photo January 14, 2013

Let the PR-Orchestrated, Media-Enabled Lance Armstrong Redemption Tour Begin!

I invite you to watch closely over the next couple weeks as we see Lance Armstrong morphed into a contrite, and then ultimately media-vindicated and valued public citizen again.

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No Pants Subway Ride – Enlisted Edition

It's quite confounding to see a soldier stripping for a photographer for the national newswire.

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Culture Focus Photo January 13, 2013

Sunday Times: The Obscenity of Food (and Youth Culture)

If truth be told, though, shouldn't we be talking about the foodie addiction as culturally widespread?

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Environment Photo January 12, 2013

Climate Change Apocalypse "Picture of the Week"

No place safe on land.

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Photo January 11, 2013

Should We Stay or Should We Go?

For those tracking GOP positions on whether or not to leave troops in Afghanistan, watch this space.

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Race Focus Photo

Little Klansman

Of course, the natural pull is to focus on the child and his interaction with the riot cop. What I find as much or more interesting, however, is the two-thirds of the photo beyond the child.

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Media & Culture Photo January 10, 2013

BagNewsSalon: "Unnecessary Roughness: Football as a Reflection of American Culture"

This BagNews Salon features a distinguished panel of sports scholars and photojournalists analyzing a select edit of media photos dealing with football and American culture.

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Karrin Anderson Photo January 9, 2013

Boys' Club Back? White House Gender Do-Over

Did criticism of Obama’s “boys’ club”—I mean, cabinet appointees—prompt the administration to choose this bland shot of a routine sit-down with advisors as yesterday’s White House “Photo of the Day”? It’s surely no coincidence that this image was highlighted the day after the New York Times published a similar...

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Jack Lew's Signature

I was wondering why this graphic was getting so much attention on the nets.

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John Lucaites Photo January 8, 2013

“A Well Regulated Militia, Being Necessary …”

The point here is not that we should eliminate the right to keep and bear arms, but that the conditions that animated the original intent of this amendment no longer abide.

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