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Advertising Watch Photo January 31, 2013

Camel Jockeys, Mexican Desperados, Male Bashing Show Girls: Coke's '13 Super Bowl Chase Ad

Obviously, these commercials are a complex mash of every seducing and agitating cultural hook they can metaphorically lay claim to.

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John Moore Photo

Immigration (Through the Conservative Windshield)

What does the GOP see when they consider immigration?

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Photo January 30, 2013

Your Turn: Reacting to Gabby Giffords

For the sake of the gun debate, our political culture and ultimately, ourselves, I'm trying to understand whether and how Gabby's testimony makes a difference.

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Race Focus Photo

Hillary, Biden and the Early Picture on the '16 African-American Vote

If the Democrats are looking for someone for African-Americans and other minority groups to get excited about, it's hard to see things going Biden's way.

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Pro-Life Demographics

At anti-abortion rallies, it seems there is always a woman out front. But then??

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Activism & Protest Photo January 28, 2013

On the Wrong Side of History: Further Thoughts on an Iconic Civil Rights Photograph

If Gadsden is kicking his knee into the police dog’s throat, it’s very likely a defensive reaction

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Pro-Life: Sell it Like Civil Rights … or Pepsi

Seeing fewer fetuses, and self-righteous and rageful statements, made me wonder if there might actually be a more rational tone strategically settling in to the movement.

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Culture Focus Photo January 26, 2013

Gay Congressmen and the New American Family. (Or: Boehner's the Straight White Dude.)

What's as interesting about the new Congressional demographics is the portrait of the American family.

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Photo January 25, 2013

Anti-Gay Riot: Passion Overflows at Moscow "Kiss-In"

How come this photo has been circulating so prominently with the story about the Moscow gay rights "kiss in"?

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Karrin Anderson Photo January 23, 2013

Hillary Clinton Eyes Members of Congress (and a Presidential Future?) During Benghazi Hearings

Although Clinton takes politics, public policy, and diplomacy very seriously, these pictures suggest that when it comes to facing her critics, Hillary Clinton may, indeed, get the last laugh.

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Media Focus Photo

Some Thoughts on the Eerie "Skeleton Photo" of the French Soldier in Mali

There's a universe of difference now between the content and context of the image on the ground and what happens once swept up into the media and social media sphere. That is why the French military freaked out when it saw Mr. Call of Duty.

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On Conservative Panic, Obama "Unmasking True Identity"

The right wing meme circulating about the Obama is that the President, untouchable, is finally showing his true liberal colors. Maybe there's some of that. But perhaps what these pictures demonstrate is something more basic.

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Still Two Americas

With all the hope and emphasis on a progressive agenda yesterday, these two photos — one from an inaugural ball last night and the other from a Washington CityPaper slideshow from the edges of the inauguration — suggest the size of the gap between haves and have nots, and...

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President Obama Photo January 21, 2013

Obama at the Inauguration in Screen Shots

Coming through in scene after scene since his reelection is a more self-assured and more comfortable Obama, also mindful, as well, that he's living history. Here are a few of my thoughts and screen grabs.

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Disaster Focus Photo January 20, 2013

Haute-Couture Heroes (or: Sandy’s in Vogue!)

Now that the Congressional tussle over the Hurricane Sandy relief fund has subsided, the nation can return to the important work of capitalizing on the disaster.

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Obama Swearing In Redux

It's all part of the theme of Obama II, which is: firmly in power.

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