February 1, 2013

Saturday Your Turn: Lock Down

Saturday Your Turn- Lock Down

After doing a “Your Turn” feature for years on a random basis — in which Bag’s authors step aside and turn the analysis over to you, we’d like to institute it on a more consistent basis on Saturdays. By the way, because we know many of you are regular lurkers, we specifically encourage you to jump in and share your thoughts.

Our goal is to offer you images from the week that contain a rich vein of themes and elements. I saw this photo earlier in the week and held on to it specifically for today. (Excuse me if I said “it’s loaded.”)

As usual, the caption is below, and here’s some backstory. And who knows, I might just join in the conversation.

(photo: Craig Ruttle/AP. caption: Chief of Police Scott Robertson talks with fourth-grade students as they huddle in closet a during a lockdown drill Jan. 14 at the St. Bernard School in New Washington, Ohio, a month after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Conn. Inspired by the memories of those who lost their lives, St. Bernard School’s principal decided to conduct lockdown drills on the 14th of each month to refine a safety plan and increase school security.)

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