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Photo March 31, 2013

Tracking Pope Francis: Easter Edition

A few Good Friday images caught my attention in light of the personality, agenda and visual politics surrounding the new Pope.

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Business Focus Photo March 29, 2013

Your Turn: Mobile Lunch

To the extent the photo still deems to comment on where our wired existence is headed, I'd say it's ironic as hell.

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The White House Laughs at Things

It's not exactly "Kim Jong Il Looks at Things" but I'm smiling at the comparison.

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Culture Focus Photo March 28, 2013

Thoughts on TIME's Gay Marriage (or, is it Gay Sex?) Cover

Don't the covers perpetuate gender stereotypes (or gay stereotypes) to the extent the women's kiss is more sensual as compared to the more aggressive/sexual male kiss?

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Faith Focus Photo

Tracking Pope Francis: Finally, That Subway Photo

My question is: why hasn't this photo circulated? It's the first one I've seen that visualizes that narrative, manifest from the beginning, of the humble elder commuting by public transportation in Buenos Aires.

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Culture Focus Photo March 27, 2013

Family Snaps vs. There Must be Blood: More Gay Marriage Protest Optics

Love versus hate. Intimacy versus righteousness. That's how you can visually differentiate the two sides in the gay marriage protests outside the Supreme Court.

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Culture Focus Photo March 26, 2013

The Day’s Most Popular Photo from the Supreme Court Gay Marriage Demonstrations

The sign frames gay marriage as a historical inevitability. Whether the Supremes duck the issue now, or not, that's the main story.

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Media Focus Photo March 25, 2013

The Dutch Media's Immigrant Photo Drama

If journalists had read the caption, they would never have taken this photo of Moroccan immigrants so out-of-context.

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Faith Focus Photo

The Day’s Best Spanish Holy Week Penitent Photo With KKK Chase(r)

The week photos of indigenous Easter rituals in Spain proliferate like rabbits.

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International Focus Photo March 24, 2013

Obama in the West Bank

Sad, but not surprising was the absence of any photo of the President driving by the exclusion wall after he was forced by the weather to drive, rather than take a helicopter, from Jerusalem to the completely encircled Bethlehem.

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Obama in the Middle East: Framing the Shot

It's curious to me that the photo below was even released.

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Culture Focus Photo March 22, 2013

Sandy Hook Ongoing: Kids in a Blanket

Why didn't I think of becoming the distributor for Colombian-made bullet proof blankets?

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Faith Focus Photo March 21, 2013

Tracking Pope Francis: The Times They Are a-Changin'

Given my skepticism is largely misplaced, media and ministry cannot be divorced, and this Pope is the real deal, then what's there to say but: right on!

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"Protest Packaging" State of the Art

Animal Rights meets the Supply Chain?

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International Focus Photo March 20, 2013

Before and Before That: Alexandra Boulat and the Iraq War Ten Year Anniversary

Because Boulat died in 2007, I'm curious what her reaction would be to the compare-and-contrast of Baghdad now and Baghdad as we broke it.

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International Focus Photo March 19, 2013

Obama in Israel, Truth be Told (in Advance)

I find a full dress rehearsal prior to Obama's arrival in Jerusalem nothing short of hilarious.

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Somodevilla’s Haunting Iraq War Anniversary Photo from Arlington

This is the most visceral photo I saw yesterday, taken on the tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo March 18, 2013

Iraq War + 10: Bridging the Differences (Graphic)

I feel a powerful connection to this story having analyzed the media imagery from Iraq from the start.

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