March 8, 2013

Your Turn: Break In This Area

Your Turn- Break In This Area

I’m interested to offer this up as a Saturday “Your Turn.” Here’s at least five reasons why. It’s a wonderful illustration of how much more is going on in a photo then the caption offers up. …Thus, the guessing game. I love how it’s gendered, and how the windows beg a dialogue. (Though I’m not sure this woman is encouraging any such thing). To the extent newswire photography is embracing aesthetics and style, this is quite an entry. I’m also fascinated how this photo emulates a montage or something more screen-based and code-bound (in part, the view through a viewfinder), when it’s neither. Thoughts?


(photo: Mohammad Ismail/Reuters -via Time Lightbox Pictures of the Week. caption: March 7, 2013. An Afghan woman looks out from a helicopter window at the International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.)



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