April 11, 2013

No Red Carpet for Two Years!! — Huma, Anthony and the NYT Mag Photos

“This is what happens after a scandal: Ranks are closed and the world shrinks to a tiny dot.”

Their lives have become too small, too circumscribed, too claustrophobic for a couple accustomed to public life. They haven’t been to a major event together — no White House Correspondents Dinner, no red-carpet events — in nearly two years.

“At the time, Weiner couldn’t believe the size of the media maelstrom, but now he sees all the factors that contributed to it: “My last name; the fact that I was this combative congressman; the fact that there were pictures involved; the fact that it was a slow news period; the fact that I was an idiot about it; the fact that, while I was still lying about it, I dug myself in deeper by getting beefy with every reporter. But it was also this notion of how much attention our relationship had gotten, this kind of Camelot feel to it.”

— Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s Post-Scandal Playbook (NYT)

I love the cover. Ostensibly about Huma’s disappointment, it’s really about passing through “the publicly humbled” phase of the major event/power couple restoration process. A tiny dot? Yeah, the size of the NYT Magazine audience. Read the article: He’s still all about size, attention, visibility. In other words, Weiner.

Put this shot together with the cover image and they’ve come out the other side. Yay! Yay for Camelot! But the real tell about the couple’s status?

…Three profile pictures and no child.

(photos: Elinor Carucci/Redux, for The New York Times)

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