April 19, 2013

On that Powerful "Condolence for Boston" Photo Tweeted from Syria Today

Condolence for Boston

What a fabulous… and complex message. (I was going to call it a “double message” — which it is, but to do so would detract from the very earnest and heartfelt quality to this.) What’s incredible about the portrait, however, is how it communicates on multiple, contradictory dimensions. On its inspirational surface, it’s a fresh chorus of “We are the World,” the occupants of Rubble Town expressing solidarity with Boston and making it known, with the fullest of credentials, that they know how we feel. (The peace signs are also very sweet.)

At the same time, however (the text also embodying a moral tone), the image can’t help but make the point how the Syrians and their suffering has been, and continues to be ignored. From that flip side, this also inquires of America: what makes your suffering any more important than ours when our marathon runs daily enduring those couple blows?

h/t: @A_l

(If you have an original source for the photo, please contact us or add to comments. I really searched. This version via Airosaur/Twitter.)

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