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Advertising Watch Photo April 2, 2013

Dare I Say the Homeless Have Made for Some Fabulous Bits and Pieces These Past Few Days?

The homeless figure is unwittingly enlisted into a composition, an emotionally laden object conscripted to collide with a 50 foot model, or a bonnet in a passing parade.

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Photo April 1, 2013

Google's Cesar Chavez Easter Doodle

To the extent the GOP's election thumping and subsequent script change effectively resurrected immigration reform, Google's angelic Cesar Chavez Easter doodle is spot on.

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U.S. Falling Behind in Political Theatre: Histrionics Surrounding the Peng Liyuan Tiananmen Square Photo

To the extent Peng, as the President's wife, has been described in the press as "China's answer to Michelle Obama," perhaps the political theatre, in the post-Bush era, has really moved elsewhere.

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