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Race Focus Photo April 15, 2013

Busted by Mecklenburg County? Call it Trial by Internet

I can't say how many other online newspaper sites do something similar, but the digital paper offers a photo post which is a cross between and the local crime report and a rogue's gallery.

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International Focus Photo April 13, 2013

Korea Pics of the Week: Paper Tiger vs. Bloody Tiger

There aren't two other photos from the extensive collection this week that better represent the extreme ends of the N. Korea threat spectrum.

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Women and Gender Focus Photo April 12, 2013

Indelible in Their Own Way

Bottom line, the world lost two iconic women this week.

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International Focus Photo April 11, 2013

Femen Storms Putin, but is “Femenism” really “Feminism”?

Unfortunately, Femen’s “new aesthetics” look strikingly similar to the optics of patriarchy.

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Photography and Poverty: Tendency to Infantalize?

I find it a powerful commentary about photography and poverty, suggesting how easily and typically we can infantilize the poor.

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No Red Carpet for Two Years!! — Huma, Anthony and the NYT Mag Photos

I love the cover. Ostensibly about Huma's disappointment, it's really about passing through "the publicly humbled" phase of the major event/power couple restoration process.

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Faith Focus Photo April 10, 2013

(Musical) Mormon Demographics

If you've been following The Bag for a while, you know how fond we are of photos that suggest an age, race or gender breakdown of particular movements or groups.

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Women and Gender Focus Photo April 9, 2013

Where the Price of Freedom is Jail: Pics from Kabul's Central Women's Prison

To a western liberal audience, these rare photos of Afghan women incarcerated for so-called "moral crimes" are like a punch in the gut.

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Further Coating the Reputation: Condi's Breakthrough at Augusta

Some would say she more properly belongs in prison stripes than in the storied green jacket, but this photo is a PR coup for the reputation redemption of Condoleezza Rice.

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Horse of a Different Color: Charlotte Observer's Creative Contribution to Photo Processing Debate

What a wonderful way to cue the public that something is up with news photography -- and to make it known with such a simple illustration.

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Women and Gender Focus Photo April 8, 2013

Margaret Thatcher's Greatest Legacy: Co-opting the Female Role?

What was remarkable about Margaret Thatcher was not only how she bent associations to female roles but defied and exploited gender stereotypes.

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Sports Focus Photo April 7, 2013

March Madness

In the spirit of those programs morally and often financially leveraging the institution to enable the athletic program, let's enjoy the NCAA men's title game tonight.

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Women Who Expect One Thing and Get Another

Lately, I've been thinking about themes and patterns in the river of photos flowing through the news web.

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Militarism Focus Photo April 5, 2013

Your Turn: Hispanic Values

A bit of a far cry from: "looking for a few good men," wouldn't you say?

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Culture Focus Photo April 4, 2013

Jew in a Box

So when the base of the box in which the person sits says “Are there still Jews in Germany?', maybe an automatic response would be to addend a "why" to the start of the sentence.

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The School Turnaround Dance

The lead image in the slideshow captures the hostile danse ballet of what American schools have become.

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Disaster Focus Photo April 3, 2013

Keystone Preview?: Crude Pictures from Mayflower

As the one photo of the rupture in the Wall Street Journal's parsimonious Photos of the Day gallery on Tuesday, I think this chessboard view is abstract enough to be pretty.

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The U.S./Korea War Pageant

Even if the threat from N. Korea is just posturing, Pyongyang's "declaration of war" in this internet age has set off a full-scale rhetorical engagement and intense visual confrontation.

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