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Photo April 30, 2013

The White House Correspondents Dinner 2013: Morphing of Hollywood and DC Now Complete

For a gesture that fleetingly alludes to the insanity that is Washington, this is epic.

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President Obama Photo April 29, 2013

Obama as Daniel Day Lewis

With Obama, I think that there’s a very high degree of genuineness, and I think that there’s also a very high degree of manipulation and staging and self-consciousness.

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Disaster Focus Photo April 26, 2013

Boston and Lower West: How Two Disasters Stack Up in the Media Eye

Is it perverse to say West, worthy of our concern, care, questions and support, was the victim of unfortunate timing?

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Colorful Bangladesh

What's ironic is how the Bangladeshi's employed the very fabrics they use to produce those West European and American brands to try and rescue survivors.

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Visual Practices & Ethics Photo April 25, 2013

Lipstick on an Administration: Reading Eric Draper’s "Front Row Seat" Photos of George W. Bush

What's more interesting about the retrospective photos of Bush by Eric Draper is how defensive they are.

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Photo April 24, 2013

Boston: Two More Ground Zeros?

This photo set off a lot of questions in my mind about terror attacks, physical memorials, the scale of the aggression and also where it occurred. One thing I’m wondering is if there would have been the same intensity of grief and public commemoration if last week’s bombing had...

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Sports Focus Photo April 23, 2013

Blood and Sneakers: Bring on the Magazine Covers

With all the upset over graphic photos, I've been looking forward to the magazine covers to bring perspective and eloquence to the Boston Marathon attack.

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Media Circus Continues: Stalking (and Cropping) Marathon Bomber's Widow

Would it surprise you to learn I couldn't find the full image it in any version published in the traditional American media?

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Stereotypes of Black Violence … and Photography Playing with Your Head: That Karales Photo at Lens Blog

Racism and racial stereotypes being so grounded in our culture, I was lost for meaning when I first saw this.

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Terror Focus Photo April 22, 2013

The Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Ambulance Shot: In this Day and Age, America Brings a Terrorist in Alive???

It seemed clear to me that the city of Boston and Boston PD took quite a bit of pride (not to mention, enormous effort) in capturing the junior Tsarnaev alive.

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Alan Chin Photo April 21, 2013

Alan Chin from Watertown, MA: Endgame at 67 Franklin Street

Inside the police perimeter on Franklin Street it was hushed and quiet, with only the sound of generators powering the metal halide arc lights and a flight of bats rustling tree branches on what would return soon to simply a chilly spring night.

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Photo April 20, 2013

The Watertown Standoff: Images from the Final Day of the Marathon Bombers at Large

Why would anybody have any question about the scenes in Watertown? There was a terrorist on the loose, one who had physically and emotionally maimed the city in the midst of one of its most cherished rituals. But in terms of scale, how much was shutting down the city...

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Middle East Watch Photo April 19, 2013

On that Powerful "Condolence for Boston" Photo Tweeted from Syria Today

I was going to call it a "double message" -- which it is, but to do so would detract from the very earnest and heartfelt quality to this.

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Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Photos

While police hunt the remaining Boston Marathon suspect on the streets and Watertown, Massachusetts, our thoughts on the media's presentation of the real and imagined bombing suspects.

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Culture Focus Photo April 18, 2013

Bitter Anguish Over Gun Control Defeat: Key Pics of Sandy Hook Families in DC

The gravity of the vote, and the trauma and deep losses that elicited it, stripped away any artifice of the political photo op.

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Culture Focus Photo April 17, 2013

Guy Kills Self at NRA-Sponsored NASCAR Race Days Before Senate Kills Gun Control. Nobody Notices.

First I'm going to show you a select edit from the NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth this past Saturday. Then, I'm going to tell you what happened so you can look at the images again and see how horribly ironic they are.

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War & Militarism Photo April 16, 2013

War and Terror: What Shocks Me Most About the Bloody Marathon Bombing Pictures (GRAPHIC)

What takes me aback are how graphic the news photos are as compared to the almost total visual censorship of American war casualties over the past twelve years.

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Terror Focus Photo April 15, 2013

On That Iconic Photo from the Boston Marathon Bombings

While many are anticipating this was international terrorism (and sure, the facts might turn out that way), what this already widely-published picture reflects is primarily an attack on the weekend (not the state) warrior.

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