June 27, 2013

Leica Video Ad: War Photography Like it Was Yesterday

Set in the past but used as the context for (advertising) a new generation camera, this award winning ad for Leica in Brazil can’t help but invite parallels between it’s Capa-fantasy and today. Along those lines, the message is a little depressing. War is eternal and war photography is (still) the bastion of virile men destined for death. What the ad cleverly manages to avoid are the more colorful issues of contemporary conflict: all the not-so-great wars; how to shoot a drone strike; photographer’s as targets; embedding; bumping into all those military public affairs and rank amateurs out there with fancy Leicas too. …And couldn’t they have used at least a couple of stills?

video: Leica – Soul, h/t: Stan B.

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Michael Shaw
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