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Militarism Focus Photo July 31, 2013

Post Verdict: Bradley Manning in First Light

It's always dangerous to read in, but my strong sense from the look and expression is that, knowing he has support, he was offering reassurance.

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Media Focus Photo

Reza Aslan/ Lauren Green: FOX With the Sound Off

What's interesting in the face of the disrespect is how nimble Aslan remains. Rather than becoming overly defensive or offensive, terse or tight, what you see below is a surprising breadth.

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President Obama Photo July 30, 2013

Beyond Lunch: Hillary and Obama Then and Now

It's interesting to compare yesterday's shot with this early WH portrait focusing on the relationship.

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Middle East Watch Photo July 29, 2013

Those Egypt Military Propaganda Videos: The Look of Blowback?

After the latest large-scale killing of Islamist demonstrators in Cairo, it's hard not to think that the military's surveillance technology and the characteristic features of that video imagery, is minimizing its propaganda value, particularly with an international audience.

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Scandal Focus Photo July 28, 2013

The Case of The NY Times Vs. the Weiners and a Closer Look at that Times Magazine Spread

The vehemence of the NY Times comes from the sense they got suckered. Looking back at The Times Magazine Weiner cover and photo story, however, that's debatable.

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Disaster Focus Photo July 27, 2013

Things You Ordinarily Wouldn't Notice in the Daily Picture Flow: "First Responders"

Looking at a lot of news photos close together, you start to see patterns and connections you wouldn't ordinarily think about.

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BAGannouncements Photo July 25, 2013

The Next Bag: Our Latest Redesign

Sometime between Friday night and Sunday, we are changing over to a new format and site design -- and along with it, a new hosting and support strategy.

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Weiner, the Media and the New Yorker Cover: Without the Copters, You Don't Get a Kong

The combination of Weiner's masochism and the media on him like sticky paper has become excruciating to watch.

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo July 24, 2013

Detroit, Braddock and the (Powerfully) Indeterminate Nature of the Image

It is difficult to assign to art the role of producing, or the credit for realising social and political change - something that is in the end always the result of human efforts, and not reducible to the content of specific images.

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Campaign 2012 Redux: Royal Baby Tweets

Thoughts on the White House and the Romneys leveraging the hugely trending royal delivery.

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David Schalliol from Chicago: From a Focus on Buildings and Landscape, Photographing People

Now that I am engaged in a project about a specific neighborhood, documenting the demolition of a corner of Englewood to accommodate the major expansion of that freight yard, my photographic relationship to people is changing.

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Media Focus Photo July 22, 2013

Slamming Detroit

Is Detroit a city in a lot of trouble? Of course it is. But to the extent the bankruptcy is also a wake-up call, the Reuters slideshow is a derisive post-mortem as well as a subtle expression of racism.

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On That Viral Shot of the Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan

Politicians come and go whereas images of the cost are more indelible.

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Race Focus Photo July 20, 2013

After the Zimmerman Trial: Hoodie Comes into its Own as Cultural Symbol

Since Trayvon Martin's death, the article of clothing has come to represent the stereotyping of young black males. This week, it also became the envelope and container by which to express the sense of bias and omission of race from the Zimmerman trial and acquittal.

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo July 18, 2013

Ready, Aim, Backfire: Police Photographer's "Rolling Stone Retribution" Photos

To the extent that this kid looks so small and exposed, so bloodied and bowed, so targeted by shooters and shooters alike, I wonder if Mr. Murphy and his counterparts aren't feeling now like they should have just finished the job.

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Race Focus Photo

Trayvon's Weapon of Choice

Call it "assault with a deadly sidewalk."

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Media Focus Photo July 16, 2013

Rolling Stone Boston Bomber Cover. Hmm, We Liked It.

Exaggerating and elevating the kid's likeability might arguably be justifiable if it leads citizens beyond the knee-jerk opposite.

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Media Focus Photo

Portrait from Rio: Glenn Greenwald's Growing Visibility in the Snowden Picture

I don't presume to know Greenwald's thinking relative to his own move into the spotlight. Still, it's important to consider the trade-offs and the consequent risk to your image that come with this magnitude of exposure.

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