July 24, 2013

Campaign 2012 Redux: Royal Baby Tweets

Oh, hello there! pic.twitter.com/WvoZ2WiIrs — The White House (@whitehouse) July 22, 2013

It’s a nice illustration this week of the Buzzfeed-ification of political marketing, the White House and the Romneys leveraging the hugely trending royal delivery.

In Team Obama’s case, the communications team delivers a self-effacing photo, the instinct always to humanize and take any edge off the sometimes stiff First Father. Hitting the net first thing Monday morning, it’s also quite a switch in tone from the President’s extended Friday afternoon comments on race and the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin verdict. From the Romneys, on the other hand, there’s no sense of humor (which kinda reminds me of Mitt’s London disaster). Rather, there’s a missive that has the smell of competition. Call it: royally seeking to share the limelight (after 21 grandchildren).

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