July 8, 2013

(Some Takes on) The First Arrest Caught on Google Glass

(By way of the Atlantic Wire post: What the First Arrest Captured on Google Glass Really Means.)

• It’s like an Instagram video that never ends.

• The indecisive moment.

• If there’s something memorable here, it’s the contrast with those dinosaurs rushing around filming the dust up with their cell phones.

• In light of events this weekend, this Google demo frame published at TechAloud is a little spooky. It demonstrates how Glass can access airline information.

SFO Glass demo

…Forget the first arrest captured by Glass, what about the first plane crash?

• Actually, the window for posts like this is good for about five more minutes. (After that, it’s: get me an editor!)

• Video, feh. Ridicule aside, for a live beta on how Glass handles photos, keep an eye on Koci.

Koci Glass

h/t: Andrew Mendelson

(video: Chris Barrett/YouTube)

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