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August 7, 2013

SF Weekly's Ball Busting Oakland PD Cover

Of course, it’s a sexual innuendo, but it’s perfect the way it’s that twisted. Whether you translate it as Oakland PD “manhandling” protesters or practically taking them by the short and curlies, the theme (expectable in any cocktail of violence + control) is emasculation.

With police that militarized now, the ironic red, white and blue palette also works. And lastly — though this may well might be jumping out at me for having just moved to the East Bay — there’s a geographic chaser, as the layout could also be read as SF having it over Oakland. If “the line,” in other words, is also the boundary between the two cities, it’s also the 510 taking one in the shorts for its police force.

SF Weekly article here.

(photo:JP Dobrin)

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