August 5, 2013

That "Grahams to Sell The Post" Front Page

Grahams to Sell Post

• It might be Bezos’ deal, not Amazon’s, but this still has Web 2.0 written all over it. Most telling to see is the next-day’s print edition broken online and flooding the Twittersphere.

• If Bezos is the only one looking forward, what kind of trouble lies ahead that his back is to Graham?

• I’m curious about the story soaking up the entire front page. Is that odd to you, also? Would it have happened at the NYT? Would it have happened if the industry was more profitable? Would it have happened if the business wasn’t family owned? Would it have happened if the journalism world wasn’t so enamored with itself in this self-referential age of the social nets?

• Thunderstorms!

• The text and the graph might cover a lot of ground, but given that pictures speak a thousand words, the long faces are quite an editorial.

• And in the photo-editing decision of a lifetime, the era ends with the “Bradlee Macarena.”

(slightly edited – 8/6  7:45 am PST. link h/t: @RyanLizza)

(page image via Twitter – multiple sources)

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