September 20, 2013

The Pope With the Sound Off

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Why is Francis “the coolest Pope ever?” Because, at least so far, the actions speak for themselves. It’s a papacy unfolding like a flip book.

I can’t say how much he’s the real deal versus that shrewd about projecting a kinder, gentler and more holistic image of the Church. What I do know is that, with the “hope” and “change” mantle back on the market, a set of qualities are resonating across the visual timeline including common sense, modesty, moderation, good cheer, walking the walk. And though you don’t really need them, here’s what strikes me in the set of images illustrating this MSNBC Pope update:

screenshot 1: Beyond the cool, the selfie is about seeing the future in youth and relaxing the high and mightier physical barrier between he and the us.

screenshot 2: Caped crusader? Man in motion? Also, dashing like Reagan was.

screenshot 3: He didn’t just reject the formal apartments because they looked like Radzinger designed them.

screenshot 4: According to the report, they are inmate’s feet — women too!

Screenshot 5: If the ’84 Renault is the challenger to the Pope-mobile, it was also donated.

screenshot 6: Regarding the new stance toward gays and the belief that issues like homosexuality and abortion are actually Church killing, that widely circulated image is clearly a campaign shot. Name me a contemporary politician, by the way, who’s that comfortable communing with “the boys on the bus.”

(images via MSNBC)

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