October 14, 2013

Is the Backlash Finally Underway?

I’ve only got two things to say. First, after all the imposters, finally a full-throated backlash image. Second, it’s the strongest expression of liberal assertiveness since the 2012 election. (Yeah, remember that?)

The New Yorker illustration has Boehner and Cruz as the leading ghouls of the shutdown,  it being empty on the other side of the Capitol. And the main byproduct of all the scorched earth? It’s the graveyard of “no,” where immigration and gun control is buried, and healthcare would be too if they could swing it. The spider web is also a measure of time, not only reflecting the length of the shutdown folly adding up but also how long its been since this the House was ghostbustered. Does it also mean that the horror goes on through the 31st??

As disgust starts to dismembers the impartiality instinct, expect to see more newswire pics like this one Reuters Gallery served up on Friday. Forget that Ryan pursues GOP business by seeming to hold his nose, it’s the tourist’s expression that’s telling. In a normal world, a politician would be looked up to. Today these guys are just simply familiar.

Finally, you might have seen this already but it indicates how the flat earth types are starting to tear the GOP apart.

The tweet is interesting and not just for the visual “gotcha,” framing the ugliness of the Pain/Cruz-injected, but still sparsely populated pro-shutdown (or was it anti-anti-shutdown?) at the WWII Memorial yesterday. I mean, when one of your top communications/talking point guys calls you out on Twitter as a bunch of amateurs, maybe it’s time to hide the mirrors.

(illustration: Mark Ulricksen for The New Yorker. caption: Haunted House. photo 1: Jason Reed/Reuters. caption: A tourist (R) reacts as U.S. Representative Paul Ryan walks in Statuary Hall on Capitol Hill in Washington, October 11, 2013. President Barack Obama and congressional Republican leaders worked to end their fiscal impasse on Friday, but struggled to strike a deal on the details for a short-term reopening of the federal government and an increase in the U.S. debt limit. photo 2: unattributed. via @davidfrum via @takahashtag/Twitter.)

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