October 27, 2013

Saudi Women: Driving Home the Point

I didn’t care for the photo accompanying the New York Times article on the women’s driving protest in Saudi Arabia. I can see why they chose it though, given their demographic. It was just a little too Beverly Hills for me. (Hey, I just want to be able to go get myself a cappuccino!). I’m not sure now how I stumbled on to the vid above but it’s got some nice elements:

1. What’s nice about this is the mundanity. You watch a Saudi woman driving for more than 20 seconds and it’s like, what’s the big deal. Perhaps the policy is transitioning to “don’t ask, don’t tell”?

2. Nice perspective on the most practical cost of the prohibition. This place is spreads out like Los Angeles.

3. You’d expect that our women driver would get the thumbs-up from kids and other women. How nice (and stereotype-defying) to see men also giving a nod.

4. How many mosques has she gone by?

5. As referred to above, it does take a little extra getting up in arms over human rights when everybody’s driving BMW’s. (Nice bag!)

(video via Eman Alnafjan a)

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