November 28, 2013

I'm Thankful … For the Pepper

SachaLecca Thanksgiving

I’m thankful … for dozens upon dozens of friends from the visual world that I can commune with and admire every day for their self-expression. People like @Sachalecca, in this case. (Remember that fabulous shot he took during Occupy?)

I’m thankful … for the ability to share those relationships with you, our amazing readers, every day.

I’m thankful … for visual culture, it’s quirks and rituals (yes, even food blogging) as it expands and transforms every day.

I’m thankful … for this chance to exhale. With networked culture hurtling at warp speed, I’m doing my best to keep things simple and dialed down this Thanksgiving stretch — which means not posting images of people drunk on consumerism crashing the gates at Macy’s or rioting over TVs at Walmart. At least, not today.

I’m thankful … there’s something in the world I actually never get tired of. (Which is, looking at pictures.)

I’m thankful for this pic Sacha posted on Instagram Thursday. Beyond the funky Thanksgiving morning amuse bouche, I think it’s wonderful how subtly this pivots us, through color, shape and humor, into the holiday season. In an instant, I saw elve’s shoes and I saw stockings. We can spend every other day pouring over “big” and contentious pictures. With modesty and spice (with the garlic, too, as well as the yellow, yolk-like bubble in the oil), this woke me with it’s unassuming appeal to the senses.

(photo: Sacha Lecca/Instagram)

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