November 8, 2013

Twin Towers. Jetliner. Man Leaping.

Maybe I’m too sensitized to political images — and their echoes. Looking at this random news photo, 69th out of 79 in the Lightbox “Pictures of the Week” gallery Friday-before-last, I just keep thinking 9/11 and “The Falling Man” – especially since that image hasn’t got much airing by traditional media until this past year’s anniversary. But the photographer and the editor are banking on us feeling the connection, right?

So, I know I’ve tainted your ability to see this with fresh eyes, but I’m still interested in what you’re thinking.

(photo: Francis R. Malasig—EPA. caption: Oct. 31, 2013. A Filipino boy jumps between apartment type tombs at a public cemetery in Paranaque city, south of Manila, Philippines.)

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